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2010 CEA EMF Workshop - Panel 1: International Developments

Moderator: Bill McVeigh, ENMAX
  • Recent EMF Science Reviews in Perspective: Linda Erdreich, Exponent
  • European Union Update and WHO International EMF Project: John Swanson, National Grid
  • Canadian Perspective on EU activities: Michel Bourdages, Hydro Québec
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2010 CEA EMF Workshop - Panel 2: US Developments

Moderator - Rick McDougall, BC Hydro
  • Recent Developments and Trends in Context : Linda Erdreich, Exponent
  • EPRI Activities: Rob Kavet, EPRI
  • EEI Programs: Richard Loughery, EEI
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2010 CEA EMF Workshop - Panel 3: Canadian Policy Developments

Moderator: Greg Quan, BC Hydro
  • Health Canada Perspective: Director of Consumer and Clinical Radiation Bureau, Health Canada
  • Health Canada Research Activities: Eric Lemay and Art Thansandote, Health Canada
  • EMF from an Medical Health Officer’s perspective: Dr. John Blatherwick
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2010 CEA EMF Workshop - Panel 4: Technical Discussion and Emerging Issues

Moderator: David Mildenberger, AltaLink
  • EMF Questions related to DC Lines: Linda Erdreich, Exponent
  • BioIniative Report from an Epidemiologist’s Perspective: Dr. Mark Elwood
  • EMF Risk Analysis: Dr. Daniel Krewski, (via telephone) McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment
  • EMF Questions related to Underground lines: Linda Erdreich, Exponent
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